Adam Weitz

Chief Marketing Officer

Adam brings over a decade of direct marketing, communications, and design experience to DSI. He has led projects for nationally known brands like MTV, KB Home, The Honda Center, The Anaheim Mighty Ducks, Heineken and Little Caesars to increase their brand awareness and to achieve a variety of marketing goals.

Adam Weitz is passionate about the immeasurable impact that quality design and communication can have on the world, and it’s that passion that fuels him at DSI. His fierce determination and refreshing creativity are not only key strengths; they are what make him a driving force behind DSI.

"Clients trust us to deliver real savings without harming company culture or disturbing employee morale. We don't take that fact lightly, and it impacts every decision we make. As a result, I'm proud of the work we do at DSI. We bring sensitivity to dependent verification and efficiently save organizations millions in unnecessary healthcare costs at the same time."

- Adam Weitz

Posts Written by Adam Weitz

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