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Conduct Dependent Eligibility Audits using DSI's proven, employee first, approach and see the difference.

Our Employee Support is the best in the industry and one of the many reasons 100% of clients agree to be a reference.

Up to 20% of dependents may be ineligible for coverage. That means you're spending money to cover people you shouldn't. DSI fixes this and puts money back into your pocket.

Understandably, many organizations underestimate the percentage of ineligibility for their own company. From 4% to 10% or more, that's a lot of money. Whether marital status, age or failure to qualify legally as a dependent, the result can be thousands, even millions of dollars in saved annual benefit costs.

Why DSI Dependent Eligibility Audits


Communicate with your employees in proven ways that get results

Custom Communication

Tailor all communication elements to meet your company's unique needs


Sympathetic, sensitive and respectful support personnel ready to help your team


DSI leads the way in personal, not computerized, verification ensuring precise verifications


Start your next verification project with confident, defined timelines and milestones


DSI has a dedicated team focused on meeting all your verification needs

More About Dependent Eligibility Audits

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The A-Z of Dependent Eligibility Audits