Providing sensitive solutions that bring real savings

Protect your plan from waste with our proven, results-driven approach to dependent audits

DSI has a refreshing approach to dependent audit services. From our customizable cloud technology platforms to our industry leading customer service, DSI is focused on bringing clients the very best in dependent verification.

The result is a noticeable difference for both your employees and your bottom line.

DSI works tirelessly to ensure our clients' high expectations are met and that we maximize their return on investment all without disrupting the morale of their employees.

3 Reasons to Work with DSI

Real Savings

With an average ineligibility rate of 6% (and as high as 15%) there are dependents on your plan that cost you money daily. The sooner DSI begins protecting your plan the more you will save. Employers now understand the need for dependent eligibility verification and companies who work with DSI know the savings pay for themselves.


The Employee Retirement Income Security Act and Sarbanes-Oxley both require strict healthcare cost control. Additionally, the Affordable Care Act now requires you cover adult children up to age 26. The ever-changing world of healthcare requirements demands a solution that keeps you compliant while keeping headaches to a minimum.

Employee Sensitivity

We founded DSI on the belief that dependent audit services shouldn’t leave employees feeling alienated and discouraged. From day one, we set out to create the industry’s friendliest and most helpful customer service team that would help employees through every stage of the process. We have proven that going the extra mile has financial rewards in addition to negating any impact on employee morale.

Solutions for Employers

From a 12-second average hold time to an almost 99% participation rate, DSI provides the very best in dependent audit services. Learn more about how DSI can make a difference for your organization.

Dependent Audit Services from DSI


Communicate with your employees in proven ways that get results

Custom Communication

Tailor all communication elements to meet your company's unique needs


Sympathetic, sensitive and respectful support personnel ready to help your team


DSI leads the way in personal, not computerized, verification ensuring precise verifications


Start your next verification project with confident, defined timelines and milestones


DSI has a dedicated team focused on meeting all your verification needs

Solutions for Brokers

Our extra-mile approach extends to our partners as we take care to ensure the satisfaction of everyone involved. See why 100% of client consultants and brokers recommend DSI after working with us.

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