Sensitive Communication Yields 1,500%+ ROI for SoCal Health Plan

A DSI Case Study

A Southern California health plan reached out to us late in 2017 looking for help with their dependent verification project. The plan’s execs knew they needed to make strengthening plan compliance an immediate cost-saving and legal priority if they wanted to reduce future claims costs and, of course, liability.


The executive team had a strong presence in all benefits decisions and quickly raised a concern about employee perception of the project. As we got to know the client, we noticed a very nepotistic, familial culture with long-term entrenched employees. This culture brought with it a paternalistic environment where the company takes care of its people.

Because of this concern, and the organizational culture, we advised the client to make the project more about compliance with legal requirements and not about saving money.

The Process

The client appreciated our reputation for sensitive communication and ultimately trusted our advice. We got to work crafting a communication strategy that would make employees feel comfortable with the process and educate them on why it was happening. This communication plan included additional custom mailings and emails to ensure employees felt well-informed.

The Results

As a result of this approach, the client noted minimal disruption from employees during the project. Our various communication methods reached their population efficiently bringing a participation rate of 94.9% with 92.97% fully completing the process.

We found that 6.41% of dependents were ineligible for benefits, which by our experience is about average. However, average doesn’t mean the results weren’t extraordinary. Between both the passive and voluntary removals, and even with the additional mailings, our client received a return on investment of 1,551% marking substantial savings for the coming plan year.

Project Analytics

Inbound Phone Calls


Passive Removals


Voluntary Removals

Average Answer Time (Seconds)


Total Participation


Client Return on Investment (ROI)

Average Call Length (Minutes)


Callers Requested Spanish


Total Verified


Our client knew they needed professionals who understood how to communicate sensitively to the employees they clearly cared about protecting. This project proved our theory that DSI’s values of sensitive and clear communication combined with outstanding customer support can yield a massive ROI on top of making employees feel respected and looked after.

We know our competitors cut corners when communicating to employees during a dependent verification project. Whether it’s poor customer service or lackluster mailings, the results prove the effort. Decide to care for the employees and the ROI is on the way.

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