Dependent Verification Articles

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5 Hilarious Dependent Audit Fails

Over the course of a decade DSI has conducted hundreds of Dependent Audits, and along the way we’ve had some chuckles at the fails of our clients.

Six Ways to Botch a Dependent Audit RFP

Being on the front-lines of cost containment gives us a unique perspective. We noticed more than a couple missteps advisers and brokers make when submitting a Dependent Audit RFP.

The Top Five CFO Concerns of 2016

What are the top CFO concerns this year? This survey of 650 top financial executives paints a revealing look at what keeps them up at night. Check it out

Public Sector Dependent Audits

Public Sector Dependent Audits are way easier than they sound. By following these six tips, your Public Sector Dependent Audits will go smoothly.

6 Lessons from Union Dependent Audits

Six pieces of advice we learned after nearly a decade of union dependent audits. Consider these before launching dependent audits in your unionized team.

We’re Sorry. We really are.

For too long, the dependent audit industry has been stuck in the “Plan Year Paradigm.” Learn why we’re sorry and how we’re making up for it, here.

Top 5 Dependent Audit Benefits

Ineligible dependents impact employers and employees. Based on hundreds of conversations with our clients, here are the top 5 dependent audit benefits.

The Golden Rule in a Dependent Audit

Our critical ingredient in providing appropriate, delicate, patient customer service during a dependent verification audit is our believe in the Golden Rule.