New Savings Solution Emerges in the Employer Benefits Space

DSI launches a new product to reduce high claims and litigation.

Orange County, CA – Dependent Specialists, Inc. (DSI) announced its launch of the benefits industry’s first comprehensive Group Life Insurance Audit solution. A national provider of Dependent Audits for over a decade, DSI now seeks to fill an essential gap in employer benefits risk reduction with their latest service offering.

The American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) states over 80 Million Americans receive life insurance through an employer-sponsored plan and most allow employees to “buy-up” to a higher level of life insurance coverage for themselves or dependents. The risk gap is that many of the “buy-up” options require a physical exam or other Evidence of Insurability (EOI) that the employee or dependent never completes.

“The problem is that half or more of the supplemental life buy-up enrollments are invalid due to lack of EOI, but those life insurance payroll deductions rarely get corrected for the lower life coverage,” says DSI Partner and Co-Founder Michael Gaudette.

Gaudette continued, “In most states, this creates an implied contract or a de facto contract, and in the event of a claim the employer is on the hook for the difference between what the carrier will pay for death, and what the employee has paid for through payroll deductions.”

DSI’s initial research and test clients found the average coverage gap between what is approved by the carrier and what an employee believes his/her coverage is, exceeds $50,000.

“The risk to employers is enormous,” says Gaudette.

As a national leader in health care cost containment and risk mitigation solutions, DSI believes their Group Life Insurance Audit is non-invasive to employees, has zero impact on employee morale, and eliminates expensive or embarrassing situations when a grieving family receives a lower claim payment than what they expected.

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