Who are you covering?

Dependents make up 70% of employer benefits costs, but on average, 4-8% of claimed dependents are ineligible


With ineligibility rates climbing as high as 20%, you may be wasting hard-earned money covering dependents you shouldn't. Customers rely on DSI to bring them real savings while keeping their benefits pool in compliance at the same time.


Employee sensitivity is our priority at DSI. Talent isn't always easy to find and keep, so trust your employees to a company that understands that and works to keep your team comfortable throughout the entire dependent eligibility auditing process.


DSI works tirelessly to ensure you get the best results when conducting a dependent eligibility audit. From our employee communications to our industry-leading response rate, our customers know we built DSI to get them results.

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"DSI has flexible billing and let us choose the language of our employee communications. They customized their services to meet all of our dependent eligibility audit needs."

Dependent Audit Resources

What is a Dependent Audit?

So what exactly is Dependent Eligibility Audit and how can it save your company thousands (and sometimes millions) of dollars? We've put together this handy guide to educate you on the basics of dependent eligibility audits.

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Whether you're new to Dependent Eligibility Audits or looking for some best practices, our next free webinar is perfect for you. You'll learn all about a Dependent Audit, the pitfalls to avoid, and how to get the best results.

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Download our latest book, "The A-Z of Dependent Eligibility Audits." This book will give you tips on how to get the best results from your verification project, how to keep employees comfortable, and how to ensure a solid response rate.

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