Our Commitment to Privacy and Security

In an era of internet data breaches and identity theft, DSI puts a premium on the protection of employee data collected during a dependent verification project.

DSI takes every step needed to ensure we handle data with the highest level of care and that security is of utmost priority.

DSI works tirelessly to protect the privacy of your (and your employees') Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Additionally, to ensure your information is extra secure, we developed a variety of policies and procedures to safeguard your sensitive data throughout the course of a dependent audit. Rest assured, your data is safe with DSI.

Data Protection at DSI

Physical (On-Site) Security

Secure Document Handling

Procedural Best Practices and Safeguards

Information Technology / Data Security and Encryption

It’s important to note that DSI protective measures exceed those required by the Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Get Results with DSI

Stay secure while saving thousands (and sometimes millions) in health care costs you shouldn't pay to cover. From our multi-lingual support staff to our leading-edge verification technology, compliance has never been easier. Work with DSI and see the difference our experience can make for your team and your bottom line.


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