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Sensitive solutions that bring real savings

Dependent Specialists, Inc (DSI) provides customized, professional and proven verification solutions without harming employee morale or company culture.

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About DSI

Up to 20% of dependents may be ineligible for coverage. That means you’re spending money to cover people you shouldn’t. We fix this and put money back into your pocket.

Since 2007 we’ve verified the eligibility of hundreds of thousands of dependents, and we continue to grow every single year, even through the COVID pandemic.

About DSI HR

Our DNA: Human Resources

DSI Executives and Directors have decades of experience in Benefits, Eligibility Management, Human Resources, Recruitment, Talent Management, Compliance, EAP, Customer Service and more.

It is this deep foundation in Human Resources that gives us the right corporate DNA to best care for employees of our clients and those employees’ family members.

Verification from DSI

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Savvy Messaging

We communicate with employees in proven ways that get results

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Custom Communication

Tailor all communication elements to meet your company’s unique needs

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Clear Timeframes

Start your next verification project with confident, defined timelines

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Dedicated Team

DSI has a dedicated team focused on meeting all your verification needs

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Increased Accuracy

DSI leads the way in personal, not computerized, accurate verification

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Sensitive Support

Sympathetic, sensitive and respectful support ready to help your team

Learn More About DSI

Learn More About DSI

Our website has plenty of information and resources to help you make the best decision for your project. Here are a few inks:

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Verification Results

Documents adjudicated the same business day
Client projects that began and ended as scheduled
Average participation by employees
Clients that agreed to be a reference
Client consultants that recommend DSI
Average ineligibility rate (3.1% - 11.4%)

Lower Costs. Increase Compliance.

DSI provides customized, professional and proven Dependent Verification Solutions without harming employee morale.
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