The DSI Difference

Since 2007 we’ve verified the eligibility of millions of employees, and we continue to grow every single year.

No two vendors are the same and it’s important to understand the difference. That’s why we put together this brief guide to understanding the difference between DSI and everybody else.

Dependent Specialists, Inc
Focused Provider
14+ years of experience
Reference-able Past Clients
Proprietary Dedicated Software
HR Portal & Real-Time Reporting
Complete Experience Customization
Use of Psychographics
Use of Real Stamps (More Likely to Open)
Fast Document Processing Time
Everybody Else
One of Many Product Offerings
Still Figuring Things Out
Questionable Service History
Frankenstein Mix & Match Software
Unclear Status Reporting
No Customization
No Thought to Communications
Metered Mail (Less Likely to Open)
Process Documents When There is Time
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Verification from DSI

Savvy Messaging Icon

Savvy Messaging

We communicate with employees in proven ways that get results

Custom Communication Icon

Custom Communication

Tailor all communication elements to meet your company’s unique needs

Clear Timeframes Icon

Clear Timeframes

Start your next verification project with confident, defined timelines

Dedicated Team Icon

Dedicated Team

DSI has a dedicated team focused on meeting all your verification needs

Increased Accuracy Icon

Increased Accuracy

DSI leads the way in personal, not computerized, accurate verification

Sensitive Support Icon

Sensitive Support

Sympathetic, sensitive and respectful support ready to help your team

"We’ve been with DSI for over three years. Their level of service and consistency is among the best, if not the best, of all of our carrier vendors."

HR Generalist

"DSI did an outstanding job. Because of our turnover we struggle with employee engagement, but the combination of letters, email, outbound calls, even the posters for the bathroom doors all made for a much higher level of participation than we expected."

HR Director
Proudly Serving Our Clients

Experience the DSI Difference

For over a decade DSI has been a national leader in audit best practices. Through innovative communication strategies and our proprietary technology we deliver clients improved compliance while reducing waste in spending.
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