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DSI is proven to keep you competitive as a broker or consultant

Partnering with DSI ensures you’re on the leading edge of cost-control.

Understandably, many organizations underestimate the percentage of ineligibility for their own company (from 4% to 20% or more, that’s a lot of money). Whether marital status, age or failure to qualify legally as a dependent, the result can be thousands, even millions of dollars in saved annual benefit costs.

Strengthen Existing Client Relationships | DSI Consultants

Strengthen Existing Client Relationships

Many employers recognize the need for Dependent Audits as an ongoing cost control and compliance tool.

Your clients will know you’re looking out for their bottom line and best interests when you bring up Dependent Eligibility.

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Gain New Loyal Clients | DSI Consultants

Gain New Loyal Clients

Suggesting innovative savings solutions to prospective clients cements your reputation as a consultant who understands what matters most.

Further your reputation as a trusted advisor and grow your client base by partnering with DSI.

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A Partnership with Perks

DSI enjoys business relationships with intelligent brokers and consultants who value thought leadership, powerful communication, and industry-disrupting support.

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Preferred Rates

Your partnership means preferred pricing for your clients so you save them even more.

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Private Label

Sell our services under your brand with minimal effort using our support and industry expertise.

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Low Maintenance

Easily maintain ongoing cleanliness of each client’s benefits pool with none of the hassle.

Keep Up with Your Competition | DSI Consultants

Keep Up with Your Competition

Understanding the value and nuances of Dependent Eligibility will empower you to consult with your clients on a deeper level.

Eliminate any need for your clients to speak to another broker who offers something you don’t.

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For over a decade DSI has been a national leader in audit best practices. Through innovative communication strategies and our proprietary technology we deliver clients improved compliance while reducing waste in spending.
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