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Results focused. Employee sensitive.

Maximize participation rates and savings without compromising company culture.

Our proprietary, Employee-First engagement system brings a real ROI with none of the downstream noise.

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DSI Employee Focused
DSI Employee Focused
DSI Employee Focused
DSI Employee Focused
DSI Employee Focused

Looking for a reliable Dependent Audit provider?

For over a decade, DSI has offered the very best Dependent Verification solutions and the industry's most employee-sensitive Customer Support team.

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Any Group Size
DSI provides the best Dependent Verification experience to groups of any size, in any industry.

From local government to universities and publicly traded companies, we bring savings to every health plan.
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Experienced HR Pros
We built DSI from the ground up using decades of HR and Benefits Management experience.

We know what HR teams need to achieve outstanding results (and clearly report them).
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Multilingual Support
A diverse workforce requires a multicultural approach to Dependent Verification.

We pack our customer support team with native speakers so everyone who calls feels at home and comfortable.
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Maximum Participation,
Maximum Savings

We refuse to cut corners when it comes to our services.

While other providers use bulk mail, offshore customer support, and limit customization, DSI brings maximum participation through our industry-leading methods and unparalleled customer service.

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"We’ve been with DSI for over three years. Their level of service and consistency is among the best, if not the best, of all of our carrier vendors."

HR Generalist

"DSI was brought into our project midway through an attempt to do our own dependent audit in-house. They blew us away with their best practice advice and knowledge of predicting what would work for our employees. In less than a month they seamlessly took over, reached our associates, processed countless documents we were behind on, and managed to push participation over 95%!"

DSI Customer Service

100% U.S. Based Team Brings Best in Class Responsiveness

Dependent verification is a time-sensitive, information-intensive undertaking that requires attention to detail and clear communication.

From Day One, we developed our Customer Support team in-house in the United States to ensure timely results for our clients and their employees.

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Customize Everything

We know that no two companies are built the same. That’s why you can customize everything throughout your verification project.

We believe the best results come from a cohesive employee experience that includes:

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Branded Communications
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Complete Messaging Control
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Company Specific Timelines
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Unlimited HR Reports
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Key Data Exports
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Oops! City Councilman Caught Covering Girlfriend Instead of Spouse for 5 yearsOops! City Councilman Caught Covering Girlfriend Instead of Spouse for 5 years

A councilman in Los Angeles made news when the city charged him with several counts of fraud, including covering an ineligible dependent on the health plan.

New Case Study
Award-Winning Senior Care Brand Scores Over 1,500% Return with DSIAward-Winning Senior Care Brand Scores Over 1,500% Return with DSI

An award-winning senior care facility with locations throughout the US was pleased to achieve over 1,500% ROI in their Dependent Verification project.

Lower Costs. Increase Compliance.

DSI provides customized, professional and proven Dependent Verification Solutions without harming employee morale.
Request a proposal today and experience the DSI difference.

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