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Award-Winning Senior Care Brand Scores Over 1,500% Return with DSI

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An award-winning senior care facility with more than twenty locations in six states was pleased to achieve over 1,500% ROI in its Dependent Verification project. Continue to learn how we still brought substantial savings to yet another client.

Award-Winning Senior Care Brand Scores Over 1,500% Return with DSI


The client initially approached DSI to see if we could help them with a Dependent Eligibility project for their 459 employees across multiple states. The senior care facility was excited to strengthen its plan's compliance and reduce the expense of future claims. They were ready to move forward with a project as soon as possible because their past process included no uniform verification, and they only announced during Open Enrollment.

Due to the different employee residencies around the country, they knew they would need a reputable vendor with ample experience to give them confidence as they underwent the verification process. With 1.96 dependents for each employee, this client was a little lower than the national average of 2.2, but at an annual dependent premium of $4,461 per spouse and $1,810 per child, we knew the potential savings would still be high for them.


A quality, effective, Dependent Eligibility Audit requires a multi-faceted approach, and DSI, as a leader in Dependent Verification, was ready to go. Our process began with bilingual hand-stamped letters mailed to every employee's home over multiple weeks. But we didn't stop there. We proactively emailed each employee and took things further than other vendors with outbound phone calls to ensure compliance with the project.

Employee Support is critical in a project like this. DSI's Customer Service team was readily available to answer every call for over two months with an average speed of 24.7 seconds, with about 8% going to our bilingual, Spanish-speaking team.

Each call involved an identity verification process to ensure everything was secure and employee data remained safe. Employees call DSI for many reasons, but most of them called to ensure receipt of their documents or to confirm login information to our securely encrypted employee portal. Regardless of the reason, DSI's team was courteous, helpful, and sensitive to what the employee had to undergo during the Dependent Verification project.


This particular project was especially challenging due to the Covid-19 Pandemic as employees had their hands full both at home and at work. Still, employees that called DSI were positive overall, with no escalations to managers or complaints. This positivity shows that our communication strategy was clear and sensitive to the employees, making them feel valued and confident in their company. Even with the Pandemic in full swing, our industry-leading outreach approach brought a total participation rate of 93.9%.

By the end of the project, we found 7.88% of dependents ineligible to receive benefits from the client. At that rate, we brought a total annual savings of almost $200,000 to the company, in addition to shoring up compliance and cleaning up their dependent pool for the immediate future. All in, their Return on Investment was 1,585.81% marking a big win for the client's Benefits and Human Resources teams.

Project Stats

Inbound Phone Calls
Average Answer Time (Seconds)
Average Call Length (Minutes)
Documents Reviewed
Total Participation
Callers Requested Spanish
Passive Removals
Voluntary Removals
Total Verified
Email Response
(1 Business Day)
Voicemail Response
(1 Business Day)
Client Return
on Investment (ROI)


Whether you have employees in a single state or throughout the country doesn't matter. Whether you're enduring a Pandemic or no Pandemic, no matter your dependent pool size, we've proven you can get terrific results and bring substantial savings to your company with a Dependent Eligibility Audit.

However, the success of your project depends heavily on the vendor you select to shoulder the burden and carry you through it. At DSI, we pride ourselves on an employee-sensitive approach based on decades of Human Resources experience backed by some of the best Customer Service personnel in the industry. Our success rates only confirm what we already know. If you want the best results, choose the best vendor. Partner with DSI, and a memorable Return on Investment is within your grasp.

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