Vaccination & Testing Verification

Compliance Without Noise

COVID-19 has changed the way business is conducted. 

Whether it is to meet compliance with OSHA, local laws or company policy, Vaccination and Testing Verification is a new Human Resources function that DSI is well-equipped to provide.

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Vaccination Verification | DSI

Vaccination Verification

Less than 65% of eligible Americans have received at least one COVID-19 vaccination (as of 9/15/2021). Because of the sheer work involved in Vaccination and Testing Verification, businesses across America have embraced professional outsourced assistance for the initial audit and the required follow-ups for negative tests, exemptions and boosters.

Did you know?

The proposed federal OSHA requirement includes fines up to $14,000 per offense.

Outsource Your Vaccination Verification to DSI

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Document Review & Tracking 

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The DSI Solution

From our well-trained and caring Customer Support team to the detailed attention we pay each client, DSI Verifications make a positive impact on any project.

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    Letters, email, posters, live phone calls, and more

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    Collection through web, mobile, email, fax and US Mail

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    Optional employee follow-up for tests and boosters

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    Detailed reporting for HR team members

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    HR and employee web portals

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Vaccination Verification | DSI

Verification from DSI

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We communicate with employees in proven ways that get results

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Tailor all communication elements to meet your company’s unique needs

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DSI has a dedicated team focused on meeting all your verification needs

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Increased Accuracy

DSI leads the way in personal, not computerized, accurate verification

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Sympathetic, sensitive and respectful support ready to help your team

Experience the DSI Difference

For over a decade DSI has been a national leader in verification best practices. Through innovative communication strategies and our proprietary technology we deliver clients improved compliance while reducing waste in spending.
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