ITAR Audits

An ITAR audit ensures that all employees and contractors of a US Company are eligible to work on USML designated projects, avoiding costly penalties.

With an ITAR Audit, DSI mitigates millions of dollars of risk quickly, quietly and professionally.

What is ITAR?

International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) exist to control the export of United States defense and military-related technologies.

ITAR requires all U.S. manufacturers, exporters, and brokers of defense articles or services (as defined by the United States Munitions List) to limit activity to ‘US Persons.’

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ITAR Audits from DSI

An ITAR audit ensures that all employees and contractors of a US Company are eligible to work on USML designated projects, avoiding costly penalties.

In an ITAR Eligibility Verification Audit, a U.S. Person is defined as:

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US Citizen

Any individual who is granted U.S. citizenship

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US Resident

Any individual who is granted U.S. permanent residence (‘Green Card’ holder)

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Political Asylum

Non-citizen granted political asylum or political refugee status under 8 U.S.C. 1324b(a)(3)

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Any individual who is any part of US Government

In addition to being part of every US Government contractor’s responsibility, ITAR compliance programs (or lack thereof), including those at the Human Resources level, can be an exacerbating factor when considering penalties due to ITAR non-compliance.

Penalties for non-compliance with ITAR include:

Up to $1M in fines and 10 years in jail (Willful violation only)

Up to $1.09M per violation

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