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A claims audit is an essential piece of any benefits waste reduction and risk mitigation strategy. Explore what DSI can do for your plan.

A Claims Audit you can count on

For over a decade DSI has conducted Benefits Audits, and carefully considers each year whether to include Claims Audits in our suite of services.

Each year the decision is the same:

DSI is committed to remaining the leader and very best Dependent Eligibility and Group Life Audit administrator in America. We will not launch any service that will detract from our focus on being the best at what we already do.

Claims Audits from DSI

After a careful review of the marketplace DSI selected Moss Adams for our endorsement for Claims Audits.  We have no financial relationship with Moss Adams for this endorsement, we are simply selective in who we recommend to our customers and partners.

Our recommendation is based on our common values and commitment to professionalism and accurate results.

Verification from DSI

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For over a decade DSI has been a national leader in audit best practices. Through innovative communication strategies and our proprietary technology we deliver clients improved compliance while reducing waste in spending.
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