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Dependent Audits that save you real money - DSI

Dependents make up 70%+ of employer benefit costs, but on average 4-8% of claimed dependents are ineligible.

A Dependent Audit reduces wasteful spending, improves plan compliance and raises employee appreciation of their health benefits.

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Eliminate ineligible dependent spending, immediately reducing overall health care costs by 5% or more, whether you are self-funded or fully insured.
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Reduce future health care costs. Removing ineligible dependents from your plan today will result in big savings immediately and in the future, both on claims and premiums.
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Improve employee understanding of health care costs. The verification process is a perfect communication opportunity to re-educate employees on their own benefits.
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Strengthen plan compliance under Sarbanes-Oxley, ERISA and DOL guidelines.
What is a Dependent Audit? - DSI

What is a Dependent Audit?

A Dependent Audit is a systematic method of verifying the eligibility of dependent participants in a benefits pool to identify ineligible dependents and remove them from the benefits plan.

The average dependent with benefits costs U.S. employers over $3,000 each, and spousal dependents regularly average $5,000 or more.

Because of the high cost of offering benefits to dependents, businesses across America embrace Dependent Eligibility Audits to ensure they only incur costs for legitimate, eligible dependents.

Ineligibility by the Numbers

Average dependents covered by an employee
Rate of ineligibility expected in a dependent pool
Higher claims cost of ineligible dependents
Why do companies verify Dependent Eligibility? - DSI Dependent Audits

Why do companies verify Dependent Eligibility?

While each organization is different, companies will usually conduct a dependent audit for two key reasons:

Cost Reduction

Companies often attempt to Eliminate health care spending on ineligible dependents through a Dependent Audit.


Companies must stay in compliance with a variety of regulations including ERISA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Average Ineligibility Rate by Industry

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Health Care
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DSI Dependent Audit Verification

What is the best way to remove ineligible dependents?

The most effective method to remove ineligible dependents, with minimum business disruption, is an outsourced Comprehensive Verification Audit, where documents for every dependent in a company’s benefit pool are authenticated.

We recommend that you work with an experienced vendor who gets proven results while preserving company culture. After all, savings shouldn’t sacrifice employee morale.

Verification from DSI

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