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DSI Announces Medical Claims Audit Solution

When we started DSI 14 years ago our mission was to create a company that leads the industry in saving clients money on their employee benefits costs. Through creative innovation and unparalleled customer service, we've achieved our goal through our primary service offering, Dependent Audits.

DSI Announces Medical Claims Audit Solution

Saving money while remaining sensitive to employees' needs without harming company morale has been and will always be our core focus.

Despite our success and national recognition, DSI continues to seek opportunities to evolve the DSI Brand to save even more for our clients. That's why today we're proud to announce that we're adding Medical Claims Audits to our list of industry-leading services.

A Partnership with Purpose

We've partnered with Healthcare Horizons, an industry leader in medical claims auditing. They take audits and cost savings as seriously as we do, and we're excited to work on this joint venture to bring millions in savings to our book of clients.

Like DSI, they're incredibly experienced and work tirelessly to save money for their nationally recognized clients. With over $10B in claims audited annually, our partner brings actual savings, and we can now extend that savings to DSI clients.

It's All About the Percentage

It's important to note that any Medical Claims Audit through DSI and Healthcare Horizons is a 100% Audit. By this, we mean there are no random samples taken from claims. We look at every claim, every dollar, and every member.

A random sample audit can miss millions in claims. That's hard-earned money that DSI can put back where it belongs. Our 100% Audit processes every claim to the fullest extent possible and delivers genuine savings.

Get Started Today

As with all DSI products, you can expect excellent customer service, preferred pricing, and tangible results. DSI’s goal has always been to save money on employee benefits costs and limit our clients' risk while maintaining compliance.

We're thrilled and excited about this next phase at DSI and invite you to visit our official DSI Medical Claims Audit page to learn more about our latest service and request a proposal for your project.

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