How safe is my personal information (what can I do to further protect it)?


DSI’s protective measures exceed those required by the Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), including a secure HIPAA certified web server to house sensitive data and encryption that goes beyond that required by law. Look for the “s” in the URL bar, https indicates that the site is a Secure Socket Layer protected site.

DSI also never prints documentation that has been submitted for verification. Even the fax system is SSL protected (also used by Banks and the IRS) and are never printed on paper. DSI does not collect any Social Security Numbers or financial data (Please remember to cross-out/redact social security #’s, account numbers & financial data on all submitted documents).

Even so, DSI goes to great lengths to protect data. Any documents that are mailed via USPS are scanned into the secure environment and immediately shredded and disposed of securely and properly. At the conclusion of the verification process, all remaining submission data is thoroughly erased and destroyed and a certificate of destruction is sent to your employer.