Style Guide

Thank you for your interest in Dependent Specialists and our brand. This guide is intended for DSI team members to use on projects, but we hope others will find it helpful when working with DSI as well.

You may consult this guide for anything related to DSI logos, colors, type, and more.

If you have any questions or for specific usage permissions, please contact us here.

DSI Logo

For the most current versions of our logo, please download our logo pack using the button below. Vector and PNG images are included in the logo pack for all four versions of our logo. We recommend using the Standard logos in most cases, but when a dark or busy background is in use, please use the white versions.

Accepted Logo Variations

Standard Logo w/ Name
Standard Logo w/out Name
Solid White Logo w/ Name
Solid White Logo w/out Name
DSI Colors

Our approach leans heavily on DSI Green with DSI Red being used for accent purposes and to draw attention. We’ve also included a lighter and darker versions of our primary colors to use when the main colors cannot.

*We revised our colors for 2019 so please update any settings you have to reflect our updated palette.

DSI Green








DSI Gray








DSI Typefaces

We use Source Sans Pro as our typeface of choice for all copy. You may download and use it through Google Fonts.

DSI Icons

We mostly use Font Awesome 5 or our icons. If you’re a member of the DSI Team, and you need access to Font Awesome, please contact the design department.