Working Spouse Audits

Working Spouse Audits can save clients $5,000 or more per ineligible spousal dependent.

Working Spouse Provisions are a rising trend, ranking #2 on the list of near-term future changes in benefits, according to a recent survey of HR leaders

DSI eliminates wasteful spending by enforcing the benefit plan design as crafted by our clients with professionalism, customization, and sensitivity toward employees

With Working Spouse provisions, employers either:

  1. Limit benefits availability to only those spouses who do not have equal or better benefits elsewhere (‘carveout’)
  2. Apply a surcharge to the employee’s premium for spousal coverage
Working Spouse rules generally create very little employee noise, but most organizations with one or both of these provisions have historically relied on ‘enforcement by the honor system’, as it can be difficult for a company to obtain benefits information from an employee spouse’s workplace. With a Working Spouse Audit, DSI does all the work so HR isn’t negatively impacted.

DSI will manage your Working Spouse rules with:

  • Savvy communication messaging
  • Customized, clear communication through letters, video, email
  • Sympathetic support center to help employees and spouses understand their eligibility
  • Options of methods for verification and attestation
  • Increased accuracy
  • Clear time frame for collecting necessary documents from employees
  • Pre-designed form options
  • Fax-ready attestations
  • Dedicated service team specialists for working spouse projects

For over a decade DSI has been a national leader in audit best practices through innovative communication and our proprietary technology, delivering clients improved compliance while reducing waste in spending. Contact us today for a quote and overview of what a Working Spouse Verification would look like for your organization.