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Our Favorite Leadership Posts

There is no shortage of posts about leadership around the web. It’s hard to sift through all the content out there to find the best advice that impacts your business.

We’ve rounded up the latest leadership posts that everybody is sharing so you don’t have to go searching for that bit of insight that will make a difference.

Let’s dive into our five:

Our Favorite Leadership Posts

Classic novels that will make you a better leader

Reading is essential to being a great leader. Most of us think of personal development books when we think of reading for leadership, but here are eight classic novels that will help you elevate your leadership game.

Literature is said to give you access to the “heart of leadership” because you observe the inner lives of the characters, an aspect of reading lost in the business isle.

Next time you’re searching for a new book to read, try one of these.

Ways to do less and get better results

We all want to get the most out of our time. It seems like, more and more, the demand for our time is growing. We all know we aren’t adding any extra hours to our day but here are six proven ways to reduce the noise in your life and maximize your output.

One exceptional tip is to create a “don’t do” list that, as you could guess, lists actions you should no longer do throughout your day. From choosing which television shows not to watch at home to what department you should avoid meeting with, a don’t do list can be both effective and freeing.

Check out all of the output boosting tips here.

Get your team to make faster decisions if you want to win

Analysis Paralysis is real, and it can cripple your team. Even more, the time you’re wasting talking it all over is the time your competitor is using to get ahead.

When do you study and when do you take action? Knowing when to pull the trigger and, most importantly, who to give ownership of the decision to can be what propels you ahead of your overthinking competitors.

Start out-thinking the other guys with this advice.

What is your true leadership style?

A good leader leads with their strengths, but many of us are unaware of all our strengths. How can we effectively lead others and help them develop their strengths if we can’t spot a few in ourselves?

Determining your leadership style can go a long way in helping you develop as a leader. Each style has advantages and disadvantages but knowing how to work within those limits can be an effective way to grow as a leader and ultimately make a difference for your team.

Learn about the different leadership styles and how you can take advantage of them today.

8 Habits of leaders who know how to delegate

Chances are if you’re in management for any period of time you think you’ve got a good grasp on delegating. The question is, “Would your employees say the same thing about your delegation skills?”

Many self-proclaimed “good delegators” are really just micromanaging their team into burnout.

Paying extra attention to these eight habits can take you from mere manager to a true leader.

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