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Leadership Skills We All Have

Everyone can be a leader. If you want to be a leader, then lead. In my opinion, it’s that simple.

We only hire leaders here at DSI, so we expect everyone on the team to be a leader in some way. Often I sit in meetings and hear someone below me on the Org Chart take charge of a subject or project just as if they were the highest ranking person in the room. I love that. It shows we’re on the right track.

While everyone can be a leader, it does take varying degrees of effort to make it a reality. There are some common leadership skills inside all of us that just need to come out. We need to nurture them to let our real leader-self shine.

To get you started, I’m highlighting some critical leadership skills that we all must nurture to be the best leaders we can be.

Leadership Skills We All Have

Be Decisive

Making decisions is a daily part of life. Leaders are decisive and don’t often waver. Now please note that decisive doesn’t always mean quick. You don’t want to be hasty in your big decisions. Weigh the options and educate yourself on the issue like a pro. But, when you decide on a resolution, stick to it and remain confident because you did your due diligence.


You have to show enthusiasm. Everyone has something they’re enthusiastic about in their lives. You just need to tap into that, and you’re on your way to showing off your leadership skills.


Every person I’ve followed loyally was passionate. They loved their organization, they loved what they did, and it dripped from every pore on their body. Don’t be afraid to show your passion. It will gain you followers in the long run.

Self Confidence

Self Confidence is hard for a lot of people. This trait may be where therapy and the “fake it until you make it” philosophy may come in handy. But you have to find some way to tap into some confidence. It’s vital to you as a leader.


Leadership and life are full of a lot of ups and downs. You have to have to keep going no matter what. Resiliency is one of those critical leadership skills that you must have because it ensures you can keep going when times get tough.


It takes a lot of energy to lead. Emotional, physical and mental energy are all necessary to keep things running. Find exercises and projects that challenge all three, so you stay fresh and ready for whatever your leadership career has in store for you.


I think maturity is one of the things that separates a manager from a leader. If you want to lead people and lead them well, then you have to be the mature one.


Empathy is another one of those leadership skills that separate a manager from a leader. If you can feel for your team, your customers, everyone, then you’re ahead of the game. This leadership skill allows you to make decisions and even motivate members of your staff in the appropriate way.

Leadership skills just take effort

There are plenty of other leadership skills we can find and develop to become outstanding leaders. These, I feel are the most important and are found within us most frequently. We just need to put a little effort into bringing these traits out.

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