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Our Commitments

Commitments are important. And at DSI, we get it. We do. And we’re here to make Dependent Audits easy for employees.

For years, DSI has been assisting thousands of employees, helping them successfully verify their eligible loved ones for company benefits. We know we have a big responsibility. We’re looking at dependents’ birth certificates, marriage licenses, and other documents. So we feel you deserve to know who you are dealing with, what we stand for, and what we are committed to.

Our Commitments

We are committed to excellence.

As a professional corporation with decades of HR experience, we have verified hundreds of thousands of dependents since 2007, with over 99% satisfaction from employees. To continue our success record, we continually train our team, maintain cutting edge technology, and stay abreast of changing health care trends.

We are committed to accuracy.

We work hard with employers to provide accurate data in verification letters and emails. And if something isn’t 100% we make it easy for employees to tell us so we can make sure it gets corrected, whether on our end or with the employer.

We are committed to protecting employee time.

We guarantee a response to any email or voicemail in LESS than one business day. We also maintain industry leading hold times. If an employee calls us, they will wait less than 20 seconds on average!

We are committed to dignity and respect.

We know that employees might have questions surrounding the dependent verification process, or they might be struggling with the need to remove a dependent from coverage that is not eligible. We’re here to help, without judgement, only warmth and patience. Our commitment to dignity and respect of others permeates DSI and is part of the fabric of the DSI culture.

We are committed to resources.

Time has a tendency of making people lose things, including birth certificates or marriage licenses, for example. We make sure employees have easy access to resources in order to find any missing documents they might need to verify their dependents. Resources include links and contact information for the IRS, INS, and VitalChek.

We are committed to insurance options.

In the event an employee needs to remove a dependent, either voluntarily or passively through non-verification, we make sure they have insurance options. We provide connectivity to healthcare.gov for all 50 states and territories as well as a private exchange option through our partner ConnectedHealth. Lastly, we offer access to local professionals that can help them select the best insurance for their removed dependent.

We are committed to security.

DSI employs SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) along with SSAE 16 Type 2 and HIPPA compliant digital data management, access and storage solutions. Secure buildings, audited data access, frequent password changes and shredding policies are just a piece of our comprehensive plan to keep data safe.

DSI is here to help employees complete their dependent verification requirements. We take great pride in our work and strive to live these commitments day in and day out. Our mission is to ensure our customers, and their employees, are 100% satisfied with the DSI Dependent Verification Experience.

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