Supplemental Group Life Danger (Is Your Job at Risk?)

In early 2018 a large health system uncovered $50M in risk through their employee Supplemental Group Life plans. Learn how you can avoid this risk today.

The Benefits Trend Saving Employers Millions

A new trend is gaining traction in the employer benefits space, discover what this benefits trend is and how it can save you or your clients millions.

Dirty Dependent Pools and the Era of No Loyalty

It’s no secret that employee loyalty is not what it used to be but you have no idea about the dirty dependent pools you’re working with. Learn more here.

4 Biggest Misconceptions Concerning Dependent Audits

Here are the 4 Biggest Dependent Audit Misconceptions. Check out the DSI blog and you may find that some assumptions will surprise you.

DSI Blog

5 Hilarious Dependent Audit Fails

Over the course of a decade DSI has conducted hundreds of Dependent Audits, and along the way we’ve had some chuckles at the fails of our clients.

Six Ways to Botch a Dependent Audit RFP

Being on the front-lines of cost containment gives us a unique perspective. We noticed more than a couple missteps advisers and brokers make when submitting a Dependent Audit RFP.

Leadership Skills We All Have

Everyone can be a leader. To get you started, I’m highlighting some critical leadership skills that we all must nurture to be the best leaders we can be.

The Top Five CFO Concerns of 2016

What are the top CFO concerns this year? This survey of 650 top financial executives paints a revealing look at what keeps them up at night. Check it out

Public Sector Dependent Audits

Public Sector Dependent Audits are way easier than they sound. By following these six tips, your Public Sector Dependent Audits will go smoothly.

6 Lessons from Union Dependent Audits

Six pieces of advice we learned after nearly a decade of union dependent audits. Consider these before launching dependent audits in your unionized team.

Great Leadership Articles

From company culture to data driven management, these leadership articles are sure to help you become well-rounded. Let’s dive in and check them out.

Our Favorite Leadership Posts

We’ve rounded up the latest leadership posts that everybody is sharing so you don’t have to go searching for that bit of insight that will make a difference.

We’re Sorry. We really are.

For too long, the dependent audit industry has been stuck in the “Plan Year Paradigm.” Learn why we’re sorry and how we’re making up for it, here.

Top 5 Dependent Audit Benefits

Ineligible dependents impact employers and employees. Based on hundreds of conversations with our clients, here are the top 5 dependent audit benefits.

Our Commitments

Commitments are important. And at DSI, we get it. We do. And we’re here to make Dependent Verification easy for employees. For years, DSI has been assisting